Total 9 articles
9 Vol.18No.1   Contents   Contents Apr. 2018 88
8 Vol.18No.1  The Moon Reflected in a Thousand Rivers: Literary and Linguistic Problems in Wŏrinch’ŏn’gang chi kok  Ross KING Apr. 2018 114
7 Vol.18No.1  Fat Phobia in Matsuura Rieko’s “Himantai kyōfushō”  David HOLLOWAY Apr. 2018 132
6 Vol.18No.1  Rebuilding the “Eastern Country of Ritual Propriety”:Decorum Camps, Sŏwŏn Stays, and the Confucian Revival in Contemporary Korea  Uri KAPLAN Apr. 2018 481
5 Vol.18No.1  A Shift in Song Tribute Policy and the Emergence of the Terms “Koryŏ Merchants” and “Japanese Merchants”  Eunmi GO Apr. 2018 104
4 Vol.18No.1  A Study of Ch’usa Kim Chŏng-hŭi: The Introduction of Qing Evidential Learning into Chosŏn Korea and a Reassessment of Practical Learning  Kanghun AHN Apr. 2018 188
3 Vol.18No.1  After the Prosperous Age: State and Elites in Early Nineteenth-Century Suzhou  Harriet ZURNDORFER Apr. 2018 117
2 Vol.18No.1  The Spirit of Korean Law: Korean Legal History in Context  Jisoo M. KIM and Andrew WOLMAN Apr. 2018 120
1 Vol.18No.1  Naming the Local: Medicine, Language, and Identity in Korea since the Fifteenth Century  James FLOWERS Apr. 2018 167