Total 9 articles
No Vol/No Title Author Date Attached
8 Vol.13/No.2  Korean Double-Entry Merchant Accounts from Kaesong City(1786-1892)   Seong-Ho JUN; James LEWIS; Sung-Kwan HUH Nov. 2013
7 Vol.13/No.2  The Constitutional Debate in Early Qing China  John DELURY Nov. 2013
6 Vol.13/No.2  New Public Values and Norms in Late Nineteenth Century Korea: Reformist Intellectuals' Visions of a Post-Confucian Society  Choong-Yeol KIM Nov. 2013
5 Vol.13/No.2  Cultural Hybridity and "Mimic Men" in Colonial Korea: The Case of Yu Chin-o(1906-1987)   Sang-Ho RO Nov. 2013
4 Vol.13/No.2  Chollima, the Thousand Li Flying Horse: Neo-traditionalism at Work in North Korea   Peter MOODY Nov. 2013
3 Vol.13/No.2  The Jingbao as Late Qing China's News Medium and Its Reports on Korean Affairs   Hyun-Ho JOO Nov. 2013
2 Vol.13/No.2  The Changing Characteristics of the Shi in Ancient China and Their Significance  Kyung-Ho KIM Nov. 2013
1 Vol.13/No.2  BOOK REVIEWS  Kurt W. RADTKE, Frank N. PIEKE, Dmitry SHLAPENTOKH Nov. 2013