Total 12 articles
No Vol/No Title Author Date Attached
11 Vol.03/No.01  The Discussion of Asia and Our Predicament  Sun Ge Feb. 2003
10 Vol.03/No.01  Understanding East Asian Political Systems:Origins, Characteristics, and Changes  Kim Yung - myung Feb. 2003
9 Vol.03/No.01  Why Yangban Confucian Culture has been Denounced  Yi Tae - jin Feb. 2003
8 Vol.03/No.01  Researching the Market Economy,Adapting to the Market Economy,Improving the Market Economy:A Search for the Future Development of Confucianism  Qian Xun Feb. 2003
7 Vol.03/No.01  The Confucian Concept of “Public” and the Adoption of Deliberative Assembly in Japan: Writings of Yokoi Sho¯nan  Karube Tadahi Feb. 2003
6 Vol.03/No.01  Major Trends of Korean Historiography in the US  Michael D. Shin Feb. 2003
5 Vol.03/No.01  Reflections on the Encounter between Korean and the Third Civilization (Russian) in China  Park Tae - keun Feb. 2003
4 Vol.03/No.01  Sonnô Jôi: The Leaps in Logic in the Modern Japanese Political Scene  Kim Min-kyu Feb. 2003
3 Vol.03/No.01  The Novel in the Painting: An Allegory of Literature in Cao Xueqin’s Hongloumeng  Emanuel Pastreich Feb. 2003