Total 5 articles
5 Vol.06No.01  Ghost Catchers in Contemporary Korea  Boudewijn Walraven Apr. 2006 1260
4 Vol.06No.01  A Koreanist’s Musings on the Chinese YishiGenre  Richard D. McBride, II Apr. 2006 1093
3 Vol.06No.01  Gender Specificity in Late-Choson Buddhist Kasa  Younghee Lee Apr. 2006 1246
2 Vol.06No.01  Bringing the Other Home:Representations of the self and foreignness in North and South Korean textbooks.  Dennis Hart Apr. 2006 957
1 Vol.06No.01  BOOK REVIEWS  Anders Karlsson and Vladimir Tikhonov and Younghee Lee and Robert Bedeski and Timothy C. Lim and Hriday Narayan Apr. 2006 1067