Total 8 articles
8 Vol.07No.01  Special Issue: Basil Hall’s Account of a Voyage of Discovery: The Value of a British Naval Officer’s Account of Travels in the Seas of Eastern Asia in 1816  James Huntley Grayson Apr. 2007 1120
7 Vol.07No.01  Special Issue: Reluctant Travellers:Shifting Interpretation of the Observations of Hendrik Hamel and his Companions  Boudewijn Walraven Apr. 2007 1293
6 Vol.07No.01  Special Issue: Sailing off the Map:Voyages to Sambong Island in Fifteenth-Century Korea  Milan Hejtmanek Apr. 2007 1337
5 Vol.07No.01  Transactions with the Realm of Spirits in Modern Korea  Antonetta Lucia Bruno Apr. 2007 1154
4 Vol.07No.01  Waiting for the Sun to Rise:Ch’imgoeng and Late Chosŏn Buddhism  Younghee Lee Apr. 2007 1116
3 Vol.07No.01  The Myŏnjujŏn Documents:Accounting Methods and Mecrchants' Organisations in Nineteenth Century Korea  Owen Miller Apr. 2007 1425
2 Vol.07No.01  The Mystery of the Precious Seal of the Ruler and the Origins of Printing  T. H. Barrett Apr. 2007 1078
1 Vol.07No.01  BOOK REVIEWS  Daniel Kane and Richard D. McBride II and Timothy C. Lim and Robert Bedeski and Remco E. Breuker Apr. 2007 1102