Total 6 articles
6 Vol.07No.02  Beyond "Confucianization"  Boudewijn Walraven Oct. 2007 1434
5 Vol.07No.02  The Advent of the Japanese Early Modern Age within East Asia : A Critique of Japanese Historical Studies  Miyajima Hiroshi Oct. 2007 1063
4 Vol.07No.02  Staging Korean Traditional Performing Arts Abroad : Important Intangible Intercultural Performance Issues  Roald H. Maliangkay Oct. 2007 1079
3 Vol.07No.02  Landscape out of time : 'de-chronicling' the landscape in medieval Koea  Remco E. Breuker Oct. 2007 1424
2 Vol.07No.02  The Idea of Struggle for Existence : An Examination of the Core Concepts in Modern Chinese Thought  Jiang Yihua Oct. 2007 1079
1 Vol.07No.02  Clara Law's Constuction of Postmodern Nature in the Film The Goddess of 1967  Dian Li Oct. 2007 1021