Total 6 articles
6 Vol.08No.01  Influences of the Yangban's Age at Marriage and Ban on Remarriage on Childbirth in Choswŏn society  PARK Hee-jin Apr. 2008 1111
5 Vol.08No.01  Economic Conditions and Male First Marriage in Northeast China, 1749-1909  Cameron CAMPBELL, James LEE Apr. 2008 1097
4 Vol.08No.01  Filling Gaps in Japanese Historical Demography: Marriage, Fertility, and Households in Nineteenth-Century Rural Japan  Satomi KUROSU Apr. 2008 1090
3 Vol.08No.01  Sinocentrism in East Asia and the task of Overcoming It  LIM Hyung-taek Apr. 2008 1235
2 Vol.08No.01  Contemporary Perspectives on Modernity: A Critical Discussion  Arif DIRLIK Apr. 2008 1208
1 Vol.08No.01  Early Migrations, Conquests, and Common Ancestry: Theorizing Japanese Origins in Relation with Korea  Chizuko T. ALLEN Apr. 2008 1247