Total 5 articles
5 Vol.08No.02  Silk, Tea and Treasure: Maritime Trade in Eighteenth-Century Literature  Niv HORESH Oct. 2008 1617
4 Vol.08No.02  They Are Just like the Generations Past: Images of Chinese Women in the Women's Missionary Periodical Woman's Work in  Dŭsica RISTIVOJEVIC Oct. 2008 1615
3 Vol.08No.02  On the Rooftop: A Study of Marginalized Youth Films in Hong Kong Cinema  Xuelin ZHOU Oct. 2008 1565
2 Vol.08No.02  The Global War on Terrorism as Meta-Narrative: An Alternative Reading of Recent Chinese History  Michael SCHOENHALS Oct. 2008 1703
1 Vol.08No.02  BOOK REVIEW  Henrik H. SORENSEN Oct. 2008 1816