Total 7 articles
7 Vol.09No.01  Can a Post-1919 World History be Written?  Rebecca E. KARL Apr. 2009 1527
6 Vol.09No.01  The “Wilsonian Moment” in East Asia:The March First Movement in Global Perspective  Erez MANELA Apr. 2009 1512
5 Vol.09No.01  May Fourth:A Patriotic Movement of Cosmopolitanism  XU Jilin Apr. 2009 1300
4 Vol.09No.01  American Media Coverage of the Assassination of Durham White Stevens  Brandon PALMER Apr. 2009 1111
3 Vol.09No.01  Proletarian-Amateur Theater:Political Performativity and its Memory  LEE Seung-hee Apr. 2009 1303
2 Vol.09No.01  Anti-Christian Ideas and National Ideology:Inoue Enryō and Inoue Tetsujirō’s Mobilization of Sectarian History in Meiji Japan  Kiri PARAMORE Apr. 2009 1456
1 Vol.09No.01  BOOK REVIEW  CAO Xi Apr. 2009 1175