Total 8 articles
8 Vol.09No.02  Contents  Contents Oct. 2009 1535
7 Vol.09No.02  The Advent of the Buddhist Conception of Religion in China and its Consequences for the Analysis of Daoism  T. H. BARRETT Oct. 2009 1600
6 Vol.09No.02  On the Origins of Detached Soul Motif in Chinese Literature  Zhenjun ZHANG Oct. 2009 1547
5 Vol.09No.02  Public Memory and Identity Politics at the Ruined Buddhist Temple Kudaraji ato in Hirakata City  Yoko Hsueh SHIRAI Oct. 2009 1345
4 Vol.09No.02  Screening Education: Schools on Film in the People’s Republic of China  Xuelin ZHOU Oct. 2009 1435
3 Vol.09No.02  The Play of Morality in Feng Xiaogang’s Films  Dian LI Oct. 2009 1536
2 Vol.09No.02  Toppling the Tiger, Devouring the Dragon: Alternative Readings of Korean History through the Muhyop Genre  Remco BREUKER Oct. 2009 1665
1 Vol.09No.02  BOOK REVIEW  Franklin D. RAUSCH, Daniel C. KANE Oct. 2009 1374