Total 8 articles
8 Vol.10No.01  Contents  Contents Apr. 2010 1288
7 Vol.10No.01  On the Construction Process of the Surname/Ancestral Seat Descent Groups in Korea as seen through Genealogies  MIYAJIMA Hiroshi Apr. 2010 1638
6 Vol.10No.01  The Effects of Man’s Remarriage and Adoption on Family Succession in the 17th to the 19th Century Rural Korea: Based on the Andong Kwon Clan Genealogy  SON, Byunggiu Apr. 2010 1537
5 Vol.10No.01  Institutions and Inequality:Comparing the Zongshi and the Jueluo in the Qing Imperial Lineage  Linlan WANG, James LEE, Cameron CAMPBELL Apr. 2010 1419
4 Vol.10No.01  Chang’an on My Mind: A Reading of Lu Zhaolin’s "Chang’an, Thoughts on Antiquity"  William H. NIENHAUSER, Jr. Apr. 2010 1514
3 Vol.10No.01  Violence and Therapy in Murakami Haruki’s Kafka on the Shore  Jonathan DIL Apr. 2010 1679
2 Vol.10No.01  Amenomori Hoshu’s Choson Language School in Tsushima  Woobinn KIM Apr. 2010 1668
1 Vol.10No.01  BOOK REVIEW  David HUNDT, Richard D. McBRIDE II Apr. 2010 1623