Total 6 articles
6 Vol.12No.01  Contents  editor Apr. 2012 699
5 Vol.12No.01  Film Propaganda and the Anti-schistosomiasis Campaign in Communist China  Ka-wai FAN Apr. 2012 850
4 Vol.12No.01  Between Sensationalism and Didacticism: News Coverage of the Huang-Lu affair and the Chinese Press in the Late 1920s  Qiliang HE Apr. 2012 783
3 Vol.12No.01  Pygmalion Colonialism: How to Become a Japanese Woman in Late Occupied Taiwan  Dean BRINK Apr. 2012 1596
2 Vol.12No.01  The “High Miss” and Female Identity in the Fiction of Tanabe Seiko  Nathaniel PRESTON Apr. 2012 885
1 Vol.12No.01  Book Reviews  Cheolbae SON, Klaus DITTRICH, Marten SODERBLOM SAARELA Apr. 2012 820