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6 Vol.12No.02  Contents  editor Oct. 2012 1068
5 Vol.12No.02  Imperial Writings: Rereading the Autobiography of Aisin Gioro Puyi  Olivia Anna Rovsing MILBURN Oct. 2012 1226
4 Vol.12No.02  Can we Call Zhu Xi's Notion of Xin Mind?: The Neo-Confucian Way of Understanding the Philosophy of Mind  Chan LEE Oct. 2012 1145
3 Vol.12No.02  Contrast in Space and Characters: Han sŏr-ya's Counter-censorship Strategies in the Newspaper Serial, Hwanghon(Dusk, 1936)  Jae-Yon LEE Oct. 2012 1014
2 Vol.12No.02  The Kŭmo sinhwa-Product of a Cross-border Diffusion of Knowledge between Ming China and Chosŏn Korea during the Fifteenth Century  Dennis WUERTHNER Oct. 2012 1102
1 Vol.12No.02  Book Reviews  Antonetta L. BRUNO; Tze-ki HON; Daniel C. KANE Oct. 2012 1124