Total 6 articles
6 Vol.13No.1  contents  editor Apr. 2013 729
5 Vol.13No.1  “Evading Suspicion and Shirking Responsibility”:The Politics of Official Discord in Qing Taiwan, 1725-1726  Michael H. CHIANG Apr. 2013 806
4 Vol.13No.1  Views of the Neighbor: Japanese and Korean Intellectuals in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries  Jeong-Mi LEE Apr. 2013 928
3 Vol.13No.1  The Shadow of the Past: Ge Fei's "Encounter" with History  Christopher N. PAYNE Apr. 2013 747
2 Vol.13No.1  Bohai(Parhae) Studies in the Soviet Union from the 1920s to the 1970s  Alexander KIM Apr. 2013 728
1 Vol.13No.1  Book Reviews  Nathaniel PRESTON; Mathew A. FOUST, Andrew WOLMAN Apr. 2013 728