Total 8 articles
8 Vol.14No.1  Contents  Editor Apr. 2014 828
7 Vol.14No.1  The Transformation in State Responses to Chinese Popular Religious Cults  Han-shin KIM Apr. 2014 992
6 Vol.14No.1  Changing Representations of Youth: "Youth Films" in the People's Republic of China  Xuelin ZHOU Apr. 2014 1086
5 Vol.14No.1  The Postwar Experience of Repatriates: The Crack in Postwar Japan's Reconstruction  Yi-jin PARK Apr. 2014 967
4 Vol.14No.1  The Arrow and the Sun: A Topo-mythanalysis of Pyongyang  Benjamin JOINAU Apr. 2014 1021
3 Vol.14No.1  Reconciling Confucianism with Human Rights in East Asia: A Critical Reconstruction of the Contemporary Discourse of Korean Scholars  Keong-ran CHO Apr. 2014 1089
2 Vol.14No.1  Chŏng Yagyong’s Political Philosophy: Kyŏngse Yup'yo and Mongmin Simsŏ’s Arguments on State Governance  Min-jeong BAEK; Young-ho LEE Apr. 2014 874
1 Vol.14No.1  Book Reviews  Mark CAPRIO; Peter KORNICKI; Michael KIM Apr. 2014 888