Total 8 articles
8 Vol.14No.2  Contents  Editor Oct. 2014 851
7 Vol.14No.2  Privatization of Buddhism in the Chosŏn Dynasty  Don BAKER Oct. 2014 938
6 Vol.14No.2  Seeking the Colonizer’s Favors for a Buddhist Vision: The Korean Buddhist Nationalist Paek Yongsŏng’s (1864–1940) Imje Sŏn Movement and His Relationship with the Japanese Colonizer Abe Mitsuie (1862–1936)  Hwansoo KIM Oct. 2014 994
5 Vol.14No.2  Ch’oe Nam-sŏn’s Youth Magazines and Message of Global Korea in the Early Twentieth Century  Chizuko T. ALLEN Oct. 2014 788
4 Vol.14No.2  Love as a Contact Zone in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee (1982)  Ayşe Naz BULAMUR Oct. 2014 953
3 Vol.14No.2  Rebuilding Confucian Ideology: Ethnicity and Biography in the Appropriation of Tradition  Jesse D. SLOANE Oct. 2014 768
2 Vol.14No.2  The Meaning of “Love” (Ai) in the Analects  Myeong-seok KIM Oct. 2014 841
1 Vol.14No.2  Book Reviews  Dean BRINK; Sean C. KIM; Franklin RAUSCH Oct. 2014 813