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8 Vol.15No.1  Contents  Editor Apr. 2015 780
7 Vol.15No.1  Ditching 'Diglossia': Describing Ecologies of the Spoken and Inscribed in Pre-modern Korea  Ross KING Apr. 2015 1320
6 Vol.15No.1  Patriarch Luo as a Writer and Reader: Speculating about the Creative Process behind the Five Books in Six Volumes  Barend J. ter HAAR Apr. 2015 741
5 Vol.15No.1  Negotiating a Multicultural Identity in Monocultural South Korea: Stigma and the Pressure to Racially "Pass"  Nikia BROWN; Jeong-Woo KOO Apr. 2015 1112
4 Vol.15No.1  The Politics of Romance in Colonial Korea: An Investigation of a Korea Translation of the Japanese Romance Novel, The Gold Demon  Jooyeon RHEE Apr. 2015 775
3 Vol.15No.1  Academia and Cultural Production: Yu Dan and Her Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World  Shenshen CAI Apr. 2015 764
2 Vol.15No.1  The Royal English Academy: Korea's First Instance of American-Style Education and the Making of Modern Korean Officials, 1886-1894  Leighanne Kimberly YUH Apr. 2015 784
1 Vol.15No.1  Book Reviews  Werner SASSE; Brandon PALMER; Jesse D.SLOANE Apr. 2015 826