Total 8 articles
8 Vol.15No.2  Contents  Editor Oct. 2015 836
7 Vol.15No.2  Neither Here nor There: The Representation of PostSocialist Space in The World and Still Life and Jia  Ting LUO Oct. 2015 884
6 Vol.15No.2  Progressive Idealist: North Korean Views on Yulgok Yi I  Vladimír GLOMB Oct. 2015 920
5 Vol.15No.2  “We Want to Be Recorded”: Market Town Elites and Town Literature in Late Qing and Early Republican Jiangnan  Seunghyun HAN Oct. 2015 720
4 Vol.15No.2  Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: The Mode of Production in Chinese Cinema Prior to 1937  Yongchun FU Oct. 2015 828
3 Vol.15No.2  The Chinese Portrayal of the Korean Peninsula in the Resisting America and Assisting Korea Literature of the 1950s  Hailong SUN Oct. 2015 795
2 Vol.15No.2  Japanese Colonizers in the Honam Plain of Colonial Korea  Takenori MATSUMOTO;Seungjin CHUNG Oct. 2015 1021
1 Vol.15No.2  Book reviews  Kurt W. RADTKE;Kiseok KWON;Yunjing XU;Peter G. MOODY Oct. 2015 760