Total 10 articles
10 Vol.16No.1  CONTENTS  CONTENTS Apr. 2016 710
9 Vol.16No.1  Re-Conceptualizing the Boundaries of Empire: The Imperial Politics of Chinese Labor Migration to Manchuria and Colonial Korea  Michael KIM Apr. 2016 920
8 Vol.16No.1  The Commodification of Water and Power Relations between Japanese Settlers and Koreans in Late Nineteenth-Century Pusan  Sungwoo KANG Apr. 2016 848
7 Vol.16No.1  Walking through Texts: The Father-Daughter Plot in Kurahashi Yumiko’s Fiction  Letizia GUARINI Apr. 2016 696
6 Vol.16No.1  The Foundation of the North Korean Workers’ Party: Analyzing Russian Archival Materials  Jinsung GONG; Kwangseo KEE Apr. 2016 766
5 Vol.16No.1  Utilitarian Cultural Affinity: Transnational Ties between China and Singapore’s Voluntary Associations  Xiaolei QU Apr. 2016 643
4 Vol.16No.1  PLA Influence on China's National Security Policymaking  Kurt W. RADTKE Apr. 2016 710
3 Vol.16No.1  Japan's Multilayered Democracy  Mary Alice HADDAD Apr. 2016 705
2 Vol.16No.1  Treacherous Translation: Culture, Nationalism, and Colonialism in Korea and Japan from 1910s to the 1960s  Jae-Yon LEE Apr. 2016 703
1 Vol.16No.1  Virtue Ethics and Confucianism  Mathew A. FOUST Apr. 2016 838