Total 8 articles
8 Vol.16No.2   CONTENTS   CONTENTS Oct. 2016 640
7 Vol.16No.2  Theorizing “Person” in Confucian Ethics: A Good Place to Start  Roger T. AMES Oct. 2016 1065
6 Vol.16No.2  A Tang-Dynasty Manual of Governance and the East Asian Vernaculars  Peter KORNICKI Oct. 2016 606
5 Vol.16No.2  The Sacrifices of Youth: Historical Feature Films on South Korea’s Longue Durée  Kyung Moon HWANG Oct. 2016 511
4 Vol.16No.2  Multi-Discursive Ethnography and the Re-Narration of Chinese Heritage: Stories about the Yueju Opera Performance at the Heavenly Queen Palace of Quzhou  Song HOU; Zongjie Wu; Huimei LIU Oct. 2016 511
3 Vol.16No.2  The Practice and Recording of Censorship in Colonial Korea: A Critical Review of the Chosŏn Publication Monthly Police Report  Minju LEE; Keunsik JUNG Oct. 2016 631
2 Vol.16No.2  The Sage Returns: Confucian Revival in Contemporary China  Tze-ki HON Oct. 2016 564
1 Vol.16No.2  The Emotions of Justice: Gender, Status, and Legal Performance in Chosŏn Korea  Sohyeon PARK Oct. 2016 610