Total 8 articles
8 Vol.17No.1  CONTENTS  CONTENTS Apr. 2017 833
7 Vol.17No.1  Tanaka Kōtarō, Korea, and the Natural Law  Kevin M. DOAK Apr. 2017 750
6 Vol.17No.1  An Analysis of Korean Intellectual Responses to the Exhibition of Koreans at Japanese Expositions: Nationalism and the Discourse on Northeast Asian Solidarity at the Turn of the Century  Hyeokhui KWON Apr. 2017 878
5 Vol.17No.1  Negotiating for Modern Education: The Politics behind the Curriculum and Admissions Reforms at the Tongwen Guan  Fei CHEN Apr. 2017 933
4 Vol.17No.1  A Scholar-Soldier in Mourning Robes: The Politics of Remembering Imjin War Hero No In (1566–1622)  Christina HAN Apr. 2017 823
3 Vol.17No.1  The Dynamics of Elite Domination in Early Modern Korea  Javier CHA Apr. 2017 1203
2 Vol.17No.1  Translation’s Forgotten History: Russian Literature, Japanese Mediation, and the Formation of Modern Korean Literature  Dafna ZUR Apr. 2017 894
1 Vol.17No.1  In the Service of His Korean Majesty: William Nelson Lovatt, the Pusan Customs, and Sino-Korea Relations, 1876-1888  Cheolbae SON Apr. 2017 969