Total 10 articles
10 Vol.17No.2  Contents  Contents Oct. 2017 249
9 Vol.17No.2  Janus-Faced Colonial Policy: Making Sense of the Contradictions in Japanese Administrative Rhetoric and Practice in Korea  Mark E. CAPRIO Oct. 2017 256
8 Vol.17No.2  Thinking about Japan’s Territorial Disputes  Alexis DUDDEN Oct. 2017 278
7 Vol.17No.2  Confucian Pilgrimage in Late Imperial and Republican China  Jesse SLOANE Oct. 2017 280
6 Vol.17No.2  Failed Solidarity: Confronting Imperial Structures in Kim Sa-ryang’s “Into the Light” and Kim Tal-su’s “Village with a View of Mt. Fuji”  Jonathan GLADE Oct. 2017 241
5 Vol.17No.2  The Matrix of Gender, Knowledge, and Writing in the Kyuhap Ch’ongsǒ  Janet Yoon-sun LEE Oct. 2017 260
4 Vol.17No.2  Popular Movements and Violence in East Asia in the Nineteenth Century: Comparing the Ideological Foundations of Their Legitimation  Hang-seob BAE Oct. 2017 221
3 Vol.17No.2  Reply to “The Dynamics of Elite Domination in Early Modern Korea” by Javier CHA  Martina DEUCHLER Oct. 2017 1071
2 Vol.17No.2  China’s Hegemony: Four Hundred Years of East Asian Domination  Seunghyun HAN Oct. 2017 270
1 Vol.17No.2  Base Encounters: The US Armed Forces in South Korea  Sealing CHENG Oct. 2017 218