Total 9 articles
9 Vol.18No.2  Contents  Contents Oct. 2018 844
8 Vol.18No.2  Note from the Editor-in-Chief  Ross King Oct. 2018 718
7 Vol.18No.2  The Earliest Statements of Christian Faith in China? A Critique of the Conventional Chronology of The Messiah Sutra and On One God*  Jianqiang SUN Oct. 2018 768
6 Vol.18No.2  The “Lion and Kunlun Slave” Image: A Motif of Buddhist Art Found in Unified Silla Funerary Sculpture  Youngae LIM Oct. 2018 676
5 Vol.18No.2  Memory and Reproduction: A Study of 1980s Chinese Ethnic Korean Revolutionary Narratives Focusing on Yun Ilsan’s The Roaring Mudan River  Haiying LI and Mingjie REN Oct. 2018 583
4 Vol.18No.2  Literary Representation of a Proxy-Test Taker: Focusing on “The Tale of Yu Kwangŏk”  Youme KIM Oct. 2018 599
3 Vol.18No.2  How did the Weaker Actor Defeat the Stronger Actor? Koguryŏ’s War with Sui (612−614) Revisited  Jinwung KIM, Spencer C. TUCKER, and Grace H. KIM Oct. 2018 636
2 Vol.18No.2  Mishima Yukio’s Modern Noh Play Sotoba Komachi: Nietzsche’s Influence and the Ideal Post-war Artist  Junghee KIM Oct. 2018 653
1 Vol.18No.2  Kyōdaisei Onokun no senryōki gokuchū nikki (University of Kyōto student Ono’s occupation-era prison diary)  Mark E. CAPRIO Oct. 2018 663