Total 8 articles
8 Vol.19No.2  Contents  Contents Oct. 2019 504
7 Vol.19No.2  Note to Potential Contributors  Ross King Oct. 2019 571
6 Vol.19No.2  Expression and Prohibition of Desire: Cinematic Representation of Dreams as Alternative Aesthetics in Modern Chinese Film  Ting LUO Oct. 2019 780
5 Vol.19No.2  Marshall R. Pihl and His Views on How to Enrich Korean Literature in Translation  Sang-Bin LEE Oct. 2019 786
4 Vol.19No.2  The Configuration and Evolution of an Autonomous Space of Research in the Republic of Korea (1945–1979): The Relationship between Governments and Archaeologists  Luis A. BOTELLA Oct. 2019 454
3 Vol.19No.2  Loyalty to the King and Love for Country: Confucian Traditions, Western-Style Learning, and the Evolution of Early Modern Korean Education, 1895–1910  Leighanne YUH Oct. 2019 645
2 Vol.19No.2  Popularization of the Analects of Confucius in Western Han and the Discovery of the Qi Lun: With a Focus on the Bamboo Slips Unearthed from the Haihunhou Tomb  Kyung-ho KIM Oct. 2019 806
1 Vol.19No.2  The Korean Buddhist Empire: A Transnational History (1910– 1945)  Gregory N. EVON Oct. 2019 489