Total 7 articles
7 Vol.20No.1  Contents  Contents Apr. 2020 216
6 Vol.20No.1  Korean Students in Imperial Japan: What Happened After 1919?  Suk Yeon KIM Apr. 2020 383
5 Vol.20No.1  Contested Connections: The Twelfth-Century Debate over the Location of Zhou Dunyi’s Hometown  Thomas Dongsob AHN Apr. 2020 538
4 Vol.20No.1  Parochial Apolitical Formulation: Hong Kong Internetization and the Sexualizing Cyberspace of the Storytelling Channels of the Golden Forum and the LIHKG Forum  Gabriel F. Y. TSANG Apr. 2020 283
3 Vol.20No.1  Frustrated Peace: Investigatory Activities by the Commission of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) in North Korea during the Korean War  Taewoo KIM Apr. 2020 252
2 Vol.20No.1  Re-nationalizing Repatriated Japanese into Post-War Japan: From Imperial Subjects to Post-War Citizens  Yi-jin PARK Apr. 2020 368
1 Vol.20No.1   Diminishing Conflict, Fostering Reconciliation: Essays in East Asian History in Honor of Hilary Conroy  Kenneth WELLS Apr. 2020 236